Lose Weight Faster: Cut A Few More Calories Each Day, And Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

Most dieters find that everything goes well for the first few days or weeks of their diet. They are highly motivated to lose weight, so they stick to it. They probably lose a few pounds, and start feeling good.

But then, inevitably, you hit a plateau. Your body adjusts to your new calorie intake and exercise level, and your weight loss slows down or stops.You need a way to jump start your weight loss, and I have found a simple way to do that: Cut a few more calories.

Yes, I know, it seems simple, but it works. We all keep track of our calories, but at some point some calories start to creep back into diet that we may not even be aware of. It may be some extra dressing on our salad, or an extra snack during the day.

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So to jump start your weight loss program, cut back on those extra calories.

Every morning when I got to work I would eat a healthy snack, either a piece of fruit, or a granola bar, or whatever. Now, I don't.I have a healthy breakfast, and I wait until the middle of the morning to have my healthy snack. Then lunch, one healthy snack in the afternoon (not two), a healthy dinner, and then one more healthy snack (a small bowl of cereal) in the evening.

Because I am spacing out my eating over the entire day, I don't each huge quantities of food at any one time, and I don't get hungry, so I can cut back a few calories, and jump start by weight loss.

If you want to lose weight you need to work at it, but cutting just a few more calories is a simple way to jump start your weight loss program and get back on track.

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