A Natural Weight Loss Program

The news is quick to broadcast how millions of people are obese and even more are overweight. The hazards of carrying too much body weight on one frame are also big news. What is usually forgotten, however, is the solution to lose weight easy and safe. With incessant pressure from doctors and manufacturers to slip a pill into the mouth and swallow your weight issues away, natural weight loss plans are growing rare.

Prescription and over the counter slimming products are not safe. The prescription medications have a laundry list of potential side effects and many are worse on the body than obesity. These medications often work while they are being taken daily with rebound weight gain happening once the prescriptions are stopped.

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So-called "natural" supplements to reduce weight are also very dangerous. None of the supplement products are approved by the FDA, that means the ingredients are not checked for safety and the claims of losing weight are just claims, yet not proven. Many "natural" fat loss supplements include large amounts of caffeine, which can lead to nausea, vomiting, jitters and heart problems.

Natural Weight Loss, Without Drugs

Natural weight loss promotes the inclusion of healthy foods that fit within the food pyramid. These foods need to be carefully chosen to ensure the correct number of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins are eaten with each meal. Many westernised diets are rich in simple carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta and bread but contain very little complex carbohydrates which offer extended energy and high fiber content to promote good health and help to lose weight naturally.

In addition to choosing the right foods, the right portions for losing weight need to also be relearned. Over the past few decades, portion sizes have grown dramatically. The increase in portion size is almost parallel to the increase in the number of people suffering from being overweight or obese. While there are various portion size tricks, the easiest is the deck of cards. One portion of food should be the size of a deck of cards in both thickness and area. Moving portion sizes can often trigger natural weight loss.

Exercise is the golden child of natural weight loss, but this necessity also falls into the most hated part of losing weight. Exercising takes time and dedication, which most people have more than enough of. But, the pain and embarrassment associated with gym time often leaves people feeling like they are being stared at or too sore to walk the next day.

Learning how to stretch before and after the workout will keep the pain at bay. The embarrassment is a different story. Losing weight takes time and the fact that your time is being spent in the gym; naturally burning calories is a commendable thing.

Weight Loss From the Inside Out

A diet rich in processed, fatty foods can lead to two ends - probiotic levels will fall and the colon will be sluggish and there will be no weight loss. The most beneficial way to commence a natural slimming program is to begin by cleansing the inside of your body and restoring good bacteria levels. Colon Cleansing is getting very popular nowadays in the weight loss circle and for good reason. When the colon isn't working right, the body will ignore good, natural weight loss to occur. The body is one unit and all-over body health is important to a natural weight loss process.

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