Weight Loss Marketing Trickery - Don't Be Deceived

It's only human to live conveniently. Wanting to do things the easier way. Go the shorter, quicker route to success. When it comes to weight loss, this is especially so. Thousands of people daily are searching for the fastest way to lose weight, for quick weight loss plans, and there are plenty of products and programs to entertain these online searches. Later on, anxious dieters often find they've been victims of scams that basically cater to that very 'short cut' mentality. They've been cleverly told what they wanted to hear. Advertisers know that's how to get them buying.

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There's more substantiated research on fitness and losing weight than ever before, but that doesn't seem to slow down the selling of dreamy spot reducing exercise contraptions that focus on the midsection of the human body. Back in the 1960's, as a young boy watching television, I can remember watching the hilarious ways people tried to burn off fat weight. These days, they're still marketing new exercise machines that target the human gut. It's not like today, that the year 2010 is the dark ages of information and the truth about healthy weight reduction. Unfortunately, people try to lose weight as if they're lost in the dark. They maybe afraid of the sacrifice, or think they don't have the discipline and commitment for real weight loss. So, they often throw money at a dream that wraps around a weight loss product that will be used once and forgotten after being tucked away under the bed or in the back of a closet.

Spot reducing exercise or spot reduction exercise machines that focus on fat burning of the lower abdominal and stomach areas is only a selling strategy. They're misleading the public into believing if you do more and more of these fat belly exercises, like crunches and sit-ups, it speeds up fat burning progress in the targeted midriff area. They're being suggestive, and often conceal or miniaturize the rest of the program, the part they know you don't want to see. That's why they show it as a tiny text message block at the bottom of the screen you have to squint your eyes to see. It probably is about the calorie reducing diet that's necessary to lose weight while using the showcased abs machine, and it disappears before you can finish reading it.

Shame on those people selling these things like this. Especially the spokesperson who shares the spotlight along with these embarrassing product infomercials, and many of them are college educated licensed professionals who know better. I wish some of these people would choke and croak during their sales presentations.

Then there's the fad diets. It would be lunacy to guarantee permanent weight loss with any of these calorie crashing, deprivation starvation diets. It is quick, rapid weight loss, but not without paying an expensive price. And, I'm not referring to how much you paid for the eBook or what you paid at the bookstore. These drastic caloric reduction diets that go below a 1000 calories a day, doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, can have devastating long-term effects on anybody's health. If done repeatedly, it can cause metabolic damage. The metabolism slows down, along with the energy level and weight loss progress grinds to a halt. Not to mention causing the dieter to regain all that weight that was lost, and adding even more pounds on top of that. It becomes more difficult to lose weight every successive time it's attempted. Imagine having a metabolism so slow you're gaining weight consuming just 800 calories a day! It can get that bad.

Bottom line, don't let these people take advantage of you. There is no short-cut to weight loss success. Don't get sucked up into a vortex with others buying into the newest, most popular weight loss diet without doing some research. Also know that there's no such thing as spot reduction exercise. Make certain the company handling your financial purchase online is reputable and will return your money if you decide to get a refund.

I believe there is no such thing as a weight loss program. It implies that it is a routine or program having a definitive time period. A beginning and an end. It stops. It's over. So, what if you do lose 10, 20 or more pounds? What got you there to lose that weight, do you just stop doing that and expect to keep the result?

Healthy living is not a program. It's a lifestyle. You're either doing it or you're not. Work on integrating new life changing habits of eating better with an exercise program that suits you, that you enjoy doing, and weight loss will naturally follow. You'll discover that just one new positive change makes it easier to include even more changes that give you momentum towards your desired weight loss goal.

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