Do's and Don'ts of Weight Loss

When comes to weight loss, many people are clueless about how to go about the best way. Very often, people fall prey to gimmicks such as some exercise contraptions, weight loss pills, or extreme and restrictive diet. In the end, most people fail miserably in their pursue of a dream body that they want. As a personal trainer, I do know and understand what approach works best for long term weight loss success. With this article, I shall touch on the do and don't of weight loss so you can be more prepared in the decision you made for your weight loss goals.

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Don't Do a Diet
Forget about those commercial diets such as high protein diet, cookie diet and detox diet. Very often, they are not reliable in the long term. Sure, you might lose a lot of weight initially but the end result is you are likely to gain all the weight back and even worse in some cases gain even more. The worst thing is such diets may drained your energy, caused a lot of fatigue and slow down your metabolism eventually. Think about it, how long can you rely on them? One month? Two to three months? What happens then?

Do Eat Healthy
In the first place, most people gained weight from eating the wrong thing, eating too much and lack of physical activities. If we have gone back to basics, eat our breakfast and eat more raw and unprocessed food we would have been in better shape. In the developed society we are in, processed food loaded with with gut-expanding trans fatty acid and pure sugar are easily available and they are the kind of food we want to avoid. However, fresh and raw food are still in abundance and you should focus on having more them if you to have a good fighting chance of losing weight for good. Just go back to basics.

Don't just rely on diet Alone
Having a healthy and optimized eating plan is half a battle won with weight loss. However, you do not want to rely on it for long-term success. The body can adjust to it and you will hit a plateau. But you do still want to maintain healthy eating.

Do exercise
I know it is the same old boring recommendation. But it is a proven method when combined with a sound eating regime results in long term weight loss success. In the long run, you will lose more weight, maintain the loss, tone up better and enjoy overall health and fitness.

Don't think that you deserve to binge just because you've exercise
This a common mistake most people make when they start exercising to lose weight. Just because you have exercise it does not mean that you earned the right to have a donut. Typically, a donut loaded with pure sugar and fat is about 250-400 calories and having it would easily void all the effort you put in a half an hour of running.

Do eat after workout
You do want to eat and replenish those hard working muscles after a hard session of workout so you can elevate your metabolism. By refuelling, your body can be a better fat-burner. Of course, you don't want to do it with junk food such as the donuts or biscuits. Like I mentioned, go back to basic and have a combination of lean protein and fresh fruits.

Don't just be concerned with the weight
The biggest downfall is going all crazy on the scale. This could be potentially the biggest reason why many people gave up weight loss altogether. One thing most people did not realize is that we put on muscle weight and bone weight when we first start a exercise program which is an inevitable process and necessary. With more muscles, you can burn fat better. With more bone density, you can work out harder and longer with reduced risk of bone injuries.

Do remember that taking bodyweight from the scale is not an indication of how much fat you lost and how much toner you are.

Do take note of your body changes
Because muscle weighs more than fat, the net weight loss effect may not be significant initially. It certainly does not mean you have fail. You do want to check your body fat level and take girth measurements on your arms, hips, waist and thighs to get a better indication on how your body shape has changed. Obviously, if you see decreases in body fat level and girth measurements you must be losing the fat weight.

Don't expect to lose more than 1kg a week
Very often, people have no idea how much they should lose in week if they follow an effective structured program. A safe guide should be between 0.5-1kg a week and it should be fat loss and not water loss. And if you're not overly overweight, you should expect the weight loss to be slower.

Do it with consistency
Be consistent with your weight loss plan. Very often, people expect dramatic results from exercising when they have not put in the time and effort to eat well and exercise enough. Be sure to plan ahead with your eating and workout and execute them according to your plan and schedule for best long-term success.

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