My Top Three Tricks For Successful Weight Loss

Regardless of your weight loss goals, it will help you to know a few simple guidelines (call them "weight loss tricks" if you want) for losing weight safely and permanently. When you fully understand these simple do's and don'ts, you'll be that much closer to achieving your permanent weight loss goals. And of all the advice I give to my clients, there are three tried and true tips that are at the top of the list. By following these tips you can greatly increase your chances of getting lasting results.

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When attempting to lose weight, it's important that you do it in a steady and consistent manner. If you don't, the consequences can be disastrous. Chances are you'll find yourself on a yo-yo weight-loss/weight-gain cycle, or even gaining back more weight and ending up heavier than when you started. So, follow these 3 simple tips to get lasting results.

1. Focus On Inches, Not On Pounds

You should focus on inches, not on pounds as it avoids paying too much attention to the scale. Failing to do this could result in your becoming discouraged with an initial lack of weight loss. The reason for this is that you will often lose pounds quickly your first week on a diet and exercise program, but it's mostly water. After that, your progress typically slows down. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, and you'll be gaining a few pounds of muscle when you first start exercising. Therefore take care to avoid making the mistake of paying too much attention to the scale during this initial phase!

2. Avoid Fad Diets and Maintain a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Just as necessary as focusing on inches, not on pounds whenever you're attempting to lose weight is to avoid fad diets and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. This is extremely important, because it helps to keep you focused on healthy weight loss instead of crash dieting, which can result in the previously mentioned yo-yo weight-loss/weight-gain cycle we want to avoid.

3. Exercising at Least Four Times a Week, Consistently

Last of all, when attempting to lose weight you want to make sure and exercise at least four times a week, consistently. Studies have shown exercising four times a week or more has a significant impact on fat loss. This can help with keeping you on a consistent cycle of slight yet steady weekly weight loss milestones, and that's a vital component of successful weight loss. If you don't, you may get derailed by inconsistency in your workouts - and this can kill your drive to stay on your weight loss program!

As I said at the beginning of this article, when attempting to lose weight, you really want to make certain you do not fall for common "myth-stakes" that ultimately end up putting you on a yo-yo weight-loss/weight-gain cycle, possibly even gaining back more weight and ending up heavier than when you started. What you want is steady, safe, consistent progress in losing weight, and you can accomplish that through following these three simple yet powerful tips.

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