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It is an acknowledged fact that being overweight is bad for you. It is equally well known that exercise is good for you. So, why is it so difficult for us to control our diet, engage in exercise and stay in charge of our body weight?

Why do we sometimes lack motivation in weight loss and weight control? It doesn't happen suddenly. It creeps up on us like a thief in the night and saps our willpower. What causes this gradual fade away of our determination to improve our weight or our shape?

Is it just a change of circumstances? Have you moved home or changed jobs and has that upset your routine? After you have settled back in, you will resume your weight loss programme and, hopefully, pick up where you left off. So, it was just a temporary glitch and not really a long term problem.

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Or, maybe you have become disillusioned with the lack of success you are experiencing with your current slimming and exercise regime. Is it time to ditch the current system you are using? Perhaps you started off with a rapid weight loss and now it has slowed down.

Or, you have decided that you don't like the form of exercises you are doing. Think long and hard about this and if you can see a need for change, then you must do something about it. It is pointless and soul-destroying to continue a plan that does not provide you with good weight loss motivation.

Perhaps you need to come off that particular regime and find another. Maybe it will be sufficient to just change half of your weight loss routine. Perhaps changing just the diet you are eating, or perhaps just the exercise schedule will be enough to restore your enthusiasm.

There are so many different types of exercise out there that there is probably something that you will enjoy. Sign up for some sort of class to learn something new to get that weight loss motivation.

If you have always enjoyed dancing, maybe you could sign up for a new type of dance class so you can learn some new steps. Try to think of some time when you actually enjoyed doing something that was active, and think of other actions that might be fun to do that you could give a try.

Another way to increase weight loss motivation and get yourself exercising is to find a friend who will do something with you. Not only will this make it more fun, but you will also be less likely to back out since you would be letting down your friend.

Is there a cause, or charity, that you believe in? You might consider signing up together to do a walk or run to raise money for the cause if there is going to be one in your area.

The idea of doing something good for a cause you believe in can also give you some extra weight loss motivation and get you moving so that you are prepared when the day of the walk comes around.

Or, as we have already suggested, is it the diet that is putting you off your weight loss plan? Diet plans can be altered. They can be tinkered with. Or they can be completely abandoned and replaced.

If you are going to do the latter and start a new diet be sure that it will encourage weight loss motivation. Be sure that you can adhere to it. But most of all be sure that you will enjoy it. It is always much easier to stay with something you enjoy than to persevere with something you dislike.

Always remember to set yourself a target. To reach a certain weight or a certain, defined waist size. These must be achievable. This is most important. If your goals are unrealistic then you will never achieve them.

It is ridiculous to set yourself an impossible task. It is demoralising and will very quickly turn you off the whole idea of any sort of fitness and weight loss programme.

It is much better to start off with a lower objective. Once you have achieved this imagine the feeling of satisfaction you will have and how easily you would find it to set new targets.

Remember that you are doing this for yourself. You are the ultimate beneficiary and any achievement is all yours. Be patient and be diligent. And above all else be honest with yourself. When you succeed in your aims the credit will be all yours and you can be justifiably proud of yourself.

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