The 3 Best Yoga Exercises For Healthy Weight Loss

Yoga exercises are one of the best ways to lost weight, burn fat and get healthy. There are many excellent yoga poses and techniques to help you achieve your weight loss goals and in this article today I am going to detail 3 of these poses for you. But, before I jump ahead to the exercises, I want to first point out 3 great reasons to use yoga for weight loss.

1. No Negative Side Affects:

Yoga is a completely natural and safe way in which to get healthy and lose weight. Unlike using pills and other more intrusive methods, with yoga all the side affects you have are positive. This is why holistic sciences and alternative medicines are getting so much attention even by mainstream doctors these days.

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2. Permanent Weight Loss with Yoga:

Experience of the yoga therapy programs to treat obesity have shown that weight lost from yoga has proven to be permanent. This is certainly not the case when you use pills and other gimmicks. The weight lost by those methods tends to return quickly once they are discontinued. This is not the case with yoga, as long as you maintain at healthy diet. These diets are almost always a part of the treatment in general, and these diets are such that they can be maintained comfortably throughout one's life. They are not extreme or unreasonable diets.

So when you use yoga for weight loss, the body is gently brought back into alignment and underlying causes for the weight gain, whether they are emotional or bio-chemical, are also resolved. Also, since yoga works with the body, the excess weight once shed is no longer regained when the yoga is stopped. I would though recommend continuing the yoga practice if you can, so you can continue to obtain all the other benefits that such practice bestows.

3. Yoga Weight Loss Solution is for Free:

Why pay for a solution, that is going to create bad side affects and not going to work in the long term anyway, when you can have a successful weight loss solution from yoga for FREE. Articles like this one and many websites on the web will give you plenty of information on how to practice yoga safely for achieving your weight loss goals. In addition, there are many good YouTube video channels as well, where you can get nice video demonstrations of yoga sets and yoga exercises.

Three Great Weight Loss Yoga Exercises:

Below you will find 3 excellent yoga exercises for weight loss. These exercises can be done by almost anyone, but be sure to check with your doctor prior to starting a new practice or fitness routine.

1. Yoga Single Leg Rotations:

a. Instructions:

• Lie flat on your back.

• Raise your right leg up to about 45 degrees.

• Point your feet and toes away from you.

• Do 2-10 rotations in 1 direction and then without resting rotate the same leg in the other direction (counter-clockwise).

• Repeat with the left leg.

b. Duration:

You can build up to 1 minute / leg. You can start with 2-4 rotations per leg, per direction and build up from there.

c. Benefits:

• Builds your Navel Center and strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.

• Builds willpower and strength of character.

• Loosens and opens up the hips.

d. Practice Tips:

• To modify the exercise bend you knees or do fewer rotations at a stretch.

• Start with just normal breathing and only incorporate Breath of Fire once you feel ready.

• You can also take rest as needed.

2. Kundalini Yoga Cobra Pose:

a. Step-by-Step Instructions for Cobra Pose:

• Lie flat on the floor, stomach down and feet extended.

• Place your hands near your shoulders and then raise your upper body and torso up off the ground. The upper thighs should remain on the floor. You back should arch up.

• Turn your head up and look upwards as well. Stretching your neck.

• As a variation, you can go up and down in cobra pose. Coming up and breathing in, holding the position for a few seconds and then coming back down and exhaling.

b. Duration:

• 15 Seconds - 7 minutes.

• Start slowly and build up your time steadily from there.

c. Benefits:

• Massages all the digestive organs improving both digestion and elimination. Fixing the digestive system is one of the first steps in getting healthy.

• Very good for improving the health of the back and spine. Good for toning all the back muscles and tissue related to the vertebrae.

• Works on all the nerve junctions that lie along the spine, as well as the important psychic channels that run through the spinal cord.

• Works on improving functions of the ovaries and reproductive glands.

• Builds upper body strength. Specially the shoulders (deltoids), triceps and chest (pectoral) muscles. This is more true if you use the modified version of cobra pose where you go up and down.

d. Practice Tips for Kundalini Yoga Cobra Pose:

• Careful with your lower back! Do not over strain.

• Going up and down in cobra pose is excellent for building strong arms, shoulders and chest muscles without risking injury.

3. Yoga Bow Pose Practice Details:

a. Step-by-Step Instructions for Yoga Bow Pose:

• Start by lying on your stomach with your chin on the floor.

• Next, bend your knees and bring your heels towards your buttocks.

• Beginner Yogis: Reach back and grasp your ankles, keeping the rest of your body on the floor. Pull your heels into your buttocks.

• Intermediate Yogis: Raise yourself up off the floor as shown in the illustration above, by pressing your ankles away from you. Your chest and thighs should be raised off the floor.

• Advanced Yogis: Rock back and forth in bow pose, inhaling as you come forward, exhaling on the way back.

b. Duration:

• 15 seconds - 5 minutes.

c. Benefits:

• Excellent for your respiratory system, to relieve breathing problems and ailments such as asthma, etc.

• Good for the entire spine and back.

• Great pose for improving flexibility.

• The ultimate yoga pose to improve and perfect your digestive system.

• Good for weight loss.

d. Practice Tips for Kundalini Yoga Bow Pose:

• Progress gently towards the advanced version. For some, even the beginner version is difficult to get into, in which case just bring your heels as close to your buttocks as you can, and reach as far back with your arms as possible.

• Do not eat for at least 2-3 hours before practicing this posture, or you will be quite uncomfortable.

• Careful of your knees and back when doing this pose.

Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss Summary:

The following 3 exercises will get you started on your weight loss journey. Add to these poses over time and increase the length of your yoga practice. This is one of the ways to not just lose weight and get healthy, but also one of the best ways to increase the length of your life.

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